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Vasco Videira Dias
PhD Student
Autonomous University of Lisbon (UAL) - Lisbon
University of Extremadura (UNEX) - Spain
Phone: +351932030655
Fax: +351213144426
Research area  
Neurocognitive Changes and associated levels of Homocysteine and Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) in patients with Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar Disorder
Key publications  
Dias VV, Brissos S, Carita A. Clinical and Neurocognitive Aspects of Lack of Insight in Euthymic Bipolar Patients, Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica. 2007 Oct 28; [Epub ahead of print]

Brissos S, Dias VV, Carita A, Martinez-Arán A. Quality of life in bipolar type I disorder and schizophrenia in remission: Clinical and neurocognitive correlates. Psychiatry Research, In Press.

Brissos S, Dias VV, Kapczinski F. Cognitive performance and quality of life in bipolar disorder. Aceite para publicação no Canadian Journal of Psychiatry

Dias VV, Brissos S. Benicio F, Kapczinski F. Insight, quality of life and cognitive functioning in euthymic patients with bipolar disorder. Aceite para publicação no Journal of Affective Disorders
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